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REALLY overcast, so I popped the colors a little bit with the new Photoshop iPhone app. (Great photo editing software for quick iPhone photo tweaks – more on this later.)


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The girlfriend whizzes by:

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Ready for a workout (5 x 1 mile)  in Prospect Park:

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Seeing Stars

Time Warner Center:

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Penn Authors

While searching for the girlfriend in the bookstore at homecoming this fall, I stumbled upon the shelf highlighting prominent Penn authors and saw the cookbook my friend and former Daily Pennsylvanian boss Alex Small wrote with Alanna Kaufman. The duo recently released their first book, The Frugal Foodie, based on their blog, Two Fat Als, at a launch party at the Boat Basin in NYC. Very impressive work, and some delicious recipes! I’ll let you know when I make it on that shelf…

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The A

More images from Atlanta:

Random wall:

The world-famous DJ Smiles spinning at MJQ:

Chops Lobster Bar:


Got exposed to some incredible music from some up-and-coming artists while I was down south. Check ’em out:

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